Golden Headset Winner

The Golden Headset will be awarded to one Account Executive each month who goes above and beyond his/her duties as an Account Executive.

This is someone who lives MVP Training every day on every call, exceeds his/her revenue goal for the month and is a leader or rising leader at his/her property.

Please see the winners of the Golden Headset below:

January – No winner with the GM Summit
February – Chris Adams of Southern Miss in the SE region
March – Thomas Stolley of Northern Iowa in the NE region
April – William McGrath of Penn State in the NE region
May – Joe Rafanelli of Temple in the NE region
June – Brad Drummond of South Carolina in the SE region
July – Amanda Shugarts of Tennessee in the SE region
August – Sheldon Adams of West Virginia in the NE region
September – Michelle Wagner of Florida in the SE region
October – Jay Miller of Akron in the NE regiion
November – Harrison Walker of Utah State in the West region

Below are the comments from GM, Zach Hewlett on Harrison:

“Harrison is an extremely hard worker at Utah State. He has been a model of consistent work, sets high goals for himself, and works each day to exceed his goals. This year, he has been responsible for more than half the phone calls at the Utah State property, with revenue numbers over three quarters of a million dollars. He is reliable and the best thing to happen to my property. I hope he wins this award because he is the best example of what the Golden Headset represents.”