The Amplify sales teams have achieved significant success through collaboration with Paciolan team members, utilizing Salesforce’s CRM technologies to implement new strategies and better manage fan and prospect information. Salesforce’s technology serves as a one-stop shop, providing a 360-degree view of each person within an athletic department’s database. Our teams use sports-tailored customizable dashboards and builds, allowing them to leverage specific information to maximize revenue, donations, gifts, and season ticket holder retention.


Paciolan’s CRM team, led by Chris Carney, Senior Manager of CRM and Marketing Automation, consists of Andrew Campbell, Harrison Gore, and Eugene Edwards. Eugene, a former Data Analyst on the Amplify side at the University of Memphis, currently serves as the CRM administrator for most of our on-campus Amplify sales teams, with Andrew and Harrison supporting a select few teams. Our on-campus sales leaders, in collaboration with internal athletic department team members, work with Eugene and his team, meeting monthly to administer new strategies, build out relevant tools, and stay up to date on team-specific needs.

Below, you will find various use cases from a handful of our sales teams. These include recent Renewal, Outbound Sales, and Lead Generation dashboards, as well as testimonials on the power of business intelligence tools from our Directors of Sales.






“Our university has seen great success driving football ticket renewals by seamlessly integrating our Paciolan ticketing system with Salesforce and marketing automation.

When the renewal campaign launches, season ticket holders receive personalized emails with a custom landing page linking their account details. With a few clicks, they are brought straight into their account manager on Paciolan to complete the renewal. As soon as the renewal is finalized in Paciolan, the data flows directly into Salesforce, automatically updating the opportunity record. This saves our sales reps significant time previously spent manually managing renewals and keeping Salesforce updated.

By connecting these systems behind the scenes, we provide a smooth, efficient renewal process for both fans and staff. Ticket renewals are processed faster than ever before thanks to the continued collaboration between our team and the Paciolan integration team. Automating previously manual workloads allows our team to redirect more energy toward the fan experience itself.” – Josh Massey, Director of Ticket Sales and Service

Press the image above to view the full renewal email from Sooner Club President 




Chris and his team have been staples in the success of our partnership at Iowa. Whether it is helping with the creation of multiple reports that feed into our AE Central on Salesforce, assistance in setting up our email automation campaigns for our four primary sports, or teaming up with our Data Analyst to create custom lead scores based on Paciolan data and Eloqua Marketing Automation information, Chris, Eugene and the rest of the team has been world-class to work with.” – Chris Herschberger, Director of Ticket Sales and Service

Iowa Women’s Basketball Renewal Dashboard


Iowa AE Central



Univ of Georgia



Chris’ team helps Georgia with all things Paciolan/Salesforce, creating multiple great success stories annually. The most recent success was a lead scoring campaign for MBB/WBB where our data analyst worked with Eugene Edwards to create a dashboard to track the sales team’s progress and results. This campaign generated $95,025 in NEW ticket/donation revenue for Men’s and Women’s basketball, in addition to $100k+ in renewal revenue. We believe Georgia was one of the first Amplify schools to create a lead score campaign within Salesforce, so we were able to help other schools/partners to duplicate the process at their schools.” – Matt McCourtie, Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service 

Georgia Men’s and Women’s Basketball Lead Score Dashboard





“Chris’ team helps us to be more efficient! We work with Eugene Edwards primarily on all things Salesforce. With him, I’m able to get good lists in and utilize Salesforce to the best of our ability. For football renewals for the 2023 season, we were able to better track renewal percentages and utilize the auto-close opportunity function so reps weren’t calling people who had already renewed. Due to the integration, we can see past purchase data, notes, and Eloqua subscription data together on one screen. Eugene is exceptionally helpful when it comes to efficiencies and taking what he sees at other schools to help me and my team work better and faster. We are currently in the process of duplicating UGA’s lead scoring strategy.” – Hailee Codiga, Director of Ticket Sales and Service

Air Force Football Ticket Sales Dashboard