The Network is compromised of 18 cross-regional teams of sales staff led by our Training and Development team. The Network teams encourage collaboration, best practice sharing, and relationship-building. Each Network team meets regularly for training calls and is encouraged to use Microsoft Teams between scheduled calls to foster communication in order for them to help each other succeed throughout the year.

There are two types of Network calls: MVP Workshops and Teams Talk sessions.

At the end of August, and on the brink of football kick-off, Matt Sanchez, Director of Training and Development, led the LEARFIELD Amplify staff members in an MVP Workshop focusing on Inbound Calls. Below you will find highlights from the engaging discussion.


  • Use the inbound call checklist to identify the size and scope of the sales opportunity by asking each of the 4 questions.
  • Handle an inbound call and provide a consistent customer experience by avoiding the 4 most common mistakes.
  • Differentiate your level of service and use listening skills to identify at least 1 additional opportunity on every call.


“First impressions are everything.  Our role is to meet the caller with positivity just like we would when welcoming them into our stadium.  If you had a great experience calling in somewhere, you would tell others.  We want to make that happen for our partners and their fan bases across the country!”

The Network allows our talented staff members to grow their connections and learn from one another to develop their skills. Each call leaves our Network teams energized and equipped with new knowledge and skills to utilize during their day-to-day sales efforts!

To learn more about our LEARFIELD Amplify MVP Training initiatives and The Network, please click here.