Our sales teams across the country have hosted extremely successful group theme days this football season! The Amplify teams understand the importance of creating memorable group experiences for their fans, as many group purchasers develop into season ticket buyers for upcoming seasons. They work year-round to engage with group leaders within their area to ensure maximum buy-in and turnout, provide exclusive opportunities, and administer follow-up touchpoints to receive feedback and improve upon experiences each year.

Check out just some of the awesome highlights from this season below!




A few weeks ago, our Virginia Tech team hosted the first-ever Hokies Youth Sports Day. Similarly to Education Day, and as a way of thanking local youth sports coaches in the community, our team organized a Youth Sports Coaches Spotlight where individuals participating could nominate and select winners. The winners are pictured on the field during pre-game below. Each of these coaches helped make Virginia Tech’s first Youth Sports Day a success.


Duke hosted their Youth Sports Day in early October and it was a successful day that concluded with plenty of happy fans! Our Blue Devils team found success in reaching out to local football programs in the area, which resulted in multiple youth teams coming out to attend the game, as well as some season ticket holders’ kids joining in as well! The kids were able to participate in a high-five tunnel during pre-game as the Blue Devils took the field. It was especially rewarding because Coach Elko ran out first and made sure to high-five every kid, which started a chain reaction for the players to form a line just to high-five the group of youth athletes! Check out the team lining up for the high-five tunnel below.




troy u newsIn September, our team at Troy hosted Scouts day for the Troy Area Girl Scouts from Troop 9815. The girls had the opportunity to participate in the Trojan walk, where players and coaches entered and gave high-fives and waves to the troop! The day was so successful throughout the community that the experience was featured in the local paper, The Messenger. Check out the story below!

Troy Girl Scouts enjoy ‘Scout Day’



On Saturday, September 10th, SMU had 500+ Cub Scouts from the DFW metroplex attend the SMU Football vs Lamar game. Each Scout in attendance received a commemorative patch and SMU Mustangs T-Shirt from SMU’s partners at Neighborhood Credit Union. Following the game, Scouts had the opportunity to camp out under the lights at Ford Stadium. Overnight campers pitched their tents, watched a movie on the video board, and enjoyed cookies from Tiffs Treats!




Our Virginia Tech team hosted a successful first-ever Education Appreciation Day this season. They initially sold out of offerings for the Georgia Tech game, which allowed them to open up a second game for Education Appreciation. Our team made an effort to form relationships with superintendents in the community and then had the opportunity to utilize athletic facilities to provide tours and in-person meetings with these individuals. Teachers that were planning to attend the game had the chance to nominate their counterparts through a form for on-field recognition a few weeks before the event. Photos of the teachers and administrators recognized are below!

The strong relationships formed by our team have encouraged Virginia Tech to promote Education Day for our other ticketed sports including men’s and Women’s basketball, as well as baseball.




Pitt hosted their Spirit Day in November with over 400 participants and over 1,200 total tickets sold! Youth cheer teams cheered with the Pitt Cheer Team during the 2nd and 3rd quarters. In addition, dancers had the opportunity to be with the Pitt Dance Team during their halftime performance! The cheerleaders had a great time and are looking forward to coming back next season!



Duke hosted their Cheer day in September and local cheer teams had the chance to attend a game, participate in a pre-game clinic, form a tunnel during the Blue Devil Walk (pictured below), and cheer on the field during the 2nd quarter. This year, our team at Duke made some slight adjustments to maximize the amount of time the cheerleaders were able to spend on the field and it was a huge success!


The CU Boulder team had major success with their first-ever Cheer Day. They sold over 200 tickets and generated $10,000 in revenue from the event. Pictured below, 81 cheerleaders were able to perform on the field during pre-game and they had a blast! Our team is looking to build off of this momentum next year and bring even more cheerleaders out to Folsom Field!





Duke Football hosted their Healthcare Appreciation Day on October 15th when our rival UNC Chapel Hill was in town! We sold a total of 2,083 tickets and was able to recognize members from Duke Health, Duke University’s Psychiatry Department and other health entities in the Triangle such as the Connect Center for Wellness (pictured). All healthcare workers were extremely thankful for the opportunity to come out and support Duke Football!




troy u news

Massive showing at our Troy Band Day with 1,131 attendees (participants, staff, and guests)!


While Air Force did not host a Band Day, they were able to create a Choir Day experience for local youth choirs in the Colorado Springs area. This is a great example of our sales leadership building off of our group theme days and adjusting it to optimize participation in their market. On Choir Day, 113 youth choir participants had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem on the field before the game, and 172 friends and family were in attendance! Check out the participants singing below!




One of our greatest strengths as an organization is our ability to share best practices and learn from one another within our network of schools. Our 160+ sellers across the country utilize the 1Huddle application on a daily basis to play sales training games and quizzes to sharpen their sales skills and improve upon their approach. Within the 1Huddle app, our leadership has created customized Theme Day games packed with best practices and loads of information on group experience successes to equip our sellers with knowledge and techniques that they can utilize at their respective schools. Take a peak at the games below!


Although the examples above are just a few highlights at a handful of our schools, all of our teams throughout the country have been crushing group theme day experiences this season. Given the circumstances of the past two seasons, our sales teams are coming back stronger than ever with creative and enjoyable game day activities that will have fans, friends, and family itching to come back for more fun!