WFA Successes – Ticket Solutions

As we continue to get settled into our new “normal”, Working From Anywhere, check out a few highlights from our teams during the past two weeks! Given our industry, and all the event cancellations worldwide, now is the time for us to be innovative, creative and most importantly, empathetic.


Eric Cole, General Manager, Indy Eleven: “Even though sales are hard to come by right now, Michael Henn continued to engage with his business leads and business leaders.  He was able to secure a 4-seat season ticket renewal in our 3rd highest price level yesterday.  Building that strong relationship helped keep this client on board but also spending during a time where companies have stopped spending.  Shout out Big Mike!”


Trevor Taylor, General Manager, App State: “As we have refocused on our football renewals, we were able to renew 8 football season tickets this week and collected $3,000 in Yosef Club Donations!”

Alex Reed, Associate General Manager, Oregon: “Can’t say enough positives about the Oregon teams attitude & effort amidst everything. Big shout out to Shane Swanson who was able to renew 20 FB accounts and sell a single game football suite for the upcoming Fall! ‘New Biz’ Nate Buch and Evan ‘Big Smooth’ Bedard have done a great job of keeping up their activity and getting fans sold into payment plans.”

 Caleb Weith, General Manager, Memphis: “This past week, Memphis introduced a 5-month payment plan option for fans to make football payments through 8/15 and our team adopted this new tool to our advantage setting up over a dozen accounts over this past week.  Special shout-out to AE Wesley Funk who was able to get an account to go from potentially not renewing to upgrading their seats for the 2020 season!”

Evan Weber, General Manager, UNC: “Mason Garrett sold new football season tickets and new Rams Club donations to 2 separate accounts this week! He sold a total of 5 season ticket deposits and $200 in RC donations! This shows we are still getting fans to invest in multiple items at UNC even during this challenging time!”

Raymond White, Sales Manager, EKU: “In an effort to keep revenue on the books, we only had one baseball/softball season ticket holder request a refund and were able to keep over $1,300 in the budget as a donation. ”

Ross Grippin, General Manager, UNC Charlotte: “Shoutout to Jordan Thompson for 4k in FB renewal revenue this week!”

James Grecco, General Manager, Penn State: “Brent Kepner sent a Thinking of You note to our main hospital group buyer. They sent him back an email thanking him for this note and a day later committed to their normal 150 tickets to this year’s White Out game and setting up a Fevo offer for their staff.


Check out some screenshots from our Colorado and Oklahoma Microsoft Teams video conferences!