Case Study: 30 Days to Kick Off – $30 One Day Only Sale

Last month, Penn State worked with FEVO to launch a special 24-hour sale for fans to secure tickets to the home opener for only $30. The sale was valid one day only to create urgency and encourage fans to purchase that day.

August 2nd was selected because it was exactly 30 days from the start of the season and the same day the team reported for training camp. The $30 rate was used because it was the lowest approved group rate in those selected areas


With  inventory still available for the home opener and anticipating visiting team returns, Penn State was looking for a way to create urgency and sell a block of seats in a short period of time.


The idea had been discussed for a few weeks prior to its launch by James Grecco (GM of Ticket Sales,) Jeff Garner (Assistant AD of Ticket Sales and Service) and Ashik Idrisy (Data Analytics Manager).

The $30 for 30 deal was proposed to a larger group that meets each week to prepare for the football season. After agreeing to the promotion they discussed how best to promote it which included social media and paid advertisements that began on July 30th.

An email list was put together by the ticket operations department and Ashik Idrisy. His portion of the list included a look alike audience whom he deemed most likely to buy single game tickets to the home opener. This email went out at 9am the day of the sale.

Penn State used FEVO to set up the offer page so fans could share the link with one another, pay separately and sit as close together as possible.

After a successful marketing and sales campaign, they sold 1,489 tickets in 12 hours. A similar offer was attempted back in 2015 but only sold 150 tickets. The major difference between 2015 and 2018 was the synergy between departments, the marketing campaign leading up to the sale and using FEVO as a ticket sales platform.


2015: 150 tickets sold

2018: 1,489 tickets sold.