Case Study: Utilizing Fevo to Enhance Staff Productivity and Increase Revenues

Last season, the University of South Carolina IMGL staff hosted their annual Junior Carolina Girls Dance Clinic prior to their game against the Georgia Bulldogs. The event is open to area youth ages 5-14 and includes the following for only $60:

  • Clinic with the Carolina Girls Dance Team
  • Opportunity to perform with the Carolina Girls at halftime
  • Official Junior Carolina Girls T-shirt
  • One (1) ticket to the game for parent/guardian


While we’ve had success selling the event in the past, our IMGL staff was spending too much time distributing and collecting order forms, participant waivers, consent forms, t-shirt sizes, and trying to up-sell parents and coaches on additional game tickets. Forms would be emailed or mailed in and then needed to be entered into a master database.


After a successful 2018 football group sales campaign using Fevo, the IMGL staff looked to the ticketing platform to help cut down on the manual work and free the staff up to be focused on outbound sales efforts and appointments. IMGL was able to set up the Junior Carolina Girls Dance Clinic page so that all of the participant information was required at the time of purchase, including the participant forms. Rather than having to manually input all of the information in an Excel form, a real-time report was easily available to be pulled by IMGL.


2017: 80 Dance Clinic Participants (189 total tickets sold)

2018: 105 Dance Clinic Participants (255 total tickets sold)


If you have yet to set up a demo with Fevo and Administration, please reach out to your Regional Director.