As a business, we take pride in our ability to share best practices throughout our network of schools. Ticket Solutions has coined the term “MVP” as Most Valuable Practices. Our extensive Training and Development program offers continual learning and new hire onboarding focused on connecting our talent to leverage our vast network of ticket sales professionals.  Throughout the pandemic we developed numerous initiatives to maintain our strong culture and help our teams navigate uncertainty while maximizing revenue streams.

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What is MVP?

  • In March 2012, IMG College partnered with Learfield to build the most comprehensive Ticket Solutions company in the industry. In doing so, we compiled an outstanding team, with decades of collective ticket sales management experience and developed the premier training and staff retention program (MVP, Most Valuable Practices) in the country, which has served over 600 ticket sales executives since inception.

What is MVP Monday?

  • Continual learning opportunities are provided through weekly MVP Sales Training videos and quizzes distributed through 1huddle and LinkedIn Learning which is part of our training and staff retention program, which has served over 600 ticket sales executives since inception.

What is the Network?

  • The Network connects Ticket Solutions talent from across the nation to collaborate on MVP sales training and share best practices. Teams meet each month and are comprised of Account Executives, Sales Managers and Associate GMs from each region.

What is Teams Talk?

  • These sessions are designed to connect you with colleagues across the country to discuss revenue generation strategies and provide opportunities for professional development. Each team member will complete a pre-call worksheet outlining strategies they use to create success in key areas of ticket sales.

What is MVP Workshop?

  • These sessions provide an opportunity to learn new skills and refine the execution of MVP sales training, powered by 1huddle multi-player game boards. Each team will meet to discuss the MVP sales process and navigate specific sales scenarios through role play and conversation.

What is the MVP workbook?

  • Learn from Ticket Solutions talent across the country and keep notes throughout your onboarding as you sharpen your skills with market-tested strategies and tools.

What does the Ticket Solutions Training and Development team do?

  • These roles are responsible for contributing to the national strategy for training and development. Team members will influence and assist with the implementation of MVP Training.

How does Ticket Solutions approach sales training?

  • General Managers at each property prioritize sales training and take advantage of the numerous resourced provided by LEARFIELD. The Ticket Solutions Training and Development team drives the execution of continual learning and is comprised of top Associate General Managers, Sales Managers, Senior Account Executives and Account Executives in our system. The team works together to execute our training programs which align with best practice sharing activities related to the MVP sales process and strategies for selling season tickets, donations, partial plans, group tickets, customer service, and other revenue opportunities.

What does the new hire experience look like at Ticket Solutions?

  • Ticket Solutions has a robust ninety-day onboarding plan that all new hires will complete. Throughout the first three months new team members will have numerous opportunities to connect with Ticket Solutions colleagues to share best practices, learn sales tactics, leverage technology, and learn strategies from top performers and key contributors.

What is 1Huddle?

  • 1Huddle is gaming style platform that our team can play anywhere and use daily to stay sharp on MVP Sales Training, DEI, product knowledge and various other topics. Managers can view real-time performance data, reward top players, and identify knowledge gaps for future training.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

  • All LEARFIELD employees have access to LinkedIn Learning which allows our team to learn business, creative, and technology skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Ticket Solutions also has over six hours of custom MVP Training video content developed by top talent across the country.

How does Ticket Solutions develop leadership across the company?

  • We have three regions (East, Central, West) with regional leadership to drive strategy, execution and staff development. In addition to an annual conference that brings together our General Managers to boost employee engagement, our leaders stay connected throughout the year to innovate and maximize sales opportunities.  There are consistent leadership development opportunities that align with the business strategy and equip our team with the skills to shape the culture and execute the plan.

What opportunities does Ticket Solutions provide for career development/advancement?

  • There are many success stories around Ticket Solutions that highlight the opportunities we offer for career growth. Numerous General Managers started as Account Executives and were promoted into leadership positions.  We offer leadership development programs and opportunities across all business lines that create a path for our team to advance their career within LEARFIELD.