Pocono Raceway (National Sales Center)

Pocono Raceway (National Sales Center)

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Calleagh Darby

Executive General Manager

Office: 214-768-4886

Calleagh Darby was named General Manager in March 2018 after previously serving as Senior Account Executive at Southern Miss.  Darby began her career with IMG Learfield as Sales Representative at the NCAA Sales Center in 2015. She was awarded the 2017 National IMG Learfield Hustler of the Year and the Golden Headset Award for the month of April in 2016. Darby has been a consistent top performer in national and regional hustle stats and revenue production among account executives, and has a proven track record of on boarding and developing new staff and building strong property AD relationships.

In 2021, Calleagh was promoted to Executive General Manager and transitioned to lead our National Sales Center at the LEARFIELD Headquarters in Plano, TX.  Our Professional Bull Riding and the NCAA sales teams are stationed at the National Sales Center and she will continue to oversee our relationship with SMU.

A native to Eugene, Oregon, Darby received her undergraduate degree from the University of Idaho and was a member of the Swim Team and obtained her Master’s degree from Washington State University.  She is married to Nolan Darby.