NC State Fans Have Shattered The School’s Record For Football Season Tickets Sold, Part Of A Greater Pattern Of Loyalty And Support

With the 2016 football season rapidly approaching, NC State fans have demonstrated their support in record numbers, shattering the school record for season tickets with over 36,000 sold, and selling out season tickets for the second consecutive year.

Three of the top five highest season ticket totals have come over the past four seasons. It marks the first time in school history the program has surpassed 36,000 season tickets, and just the third time over 35,000. With the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Carter-Finley Stadium, and a home slate that features Notre Dame, Florida State and Miami, excitement and interest are high among Wolfpack Nation.

The passion and loyalty of Wolfpack Nation has been evident at PNC Arena as well. In 2014-15, NC State had the highest jump in attendance in the country, while in 2015-16, the Pack had the highest average attendance since PNC Arena’s opening year, and will likely finish in the Top 10 in the nation in attendance when the NCAA announces attendance figures.

The past four years have shown historic growth in support for the NC State baseball program as well. The four highest totals for season ticket-holders have all come since 2013. The 2016 season produced the second-highest figure in school history behind the record sale of the 2014 season.