March Madness!

Check out some highlights on some of our most significant group promotions around the country this basketball season.


One of the Bulldogs best group outings from this season was a youth group who attended a non-conference week night game where they got to perform a dance number during halftime. Tickets were sold with on bulk order over the phone from the leader of the dance studio, after receiving the initial lead from an inbound web form. They priced the group tickets at $8 a piece, even charging the performers. The $8 rate got everyone a reduced ticket price, and 100 kids performed two dance routines for about 7 minutes total. This was a first-time group and they sold over 562 tickets!!


One of the Tar Heel’s biggest group outings from this past Men’s Basketball season was a youth group that performed during halftime of the Boston College game. The tickets were priced at $55 a piece, and included the special of dancing during half time. The UNC reps directly communicated with the Renner Dance Studio’s owner, who happens to also coach the UNC Dance Team. Summer Renner helped secure over 500 group tickets for her studio’s dancers, friends and families. This outing totaled to over $27,500 in revenue for the Tar Heels!

The Ducks continued their annual “Cheer with the Ducks” game on March 1st at the Women’s Basketball game versus Washington. Participant tickets to cheer with the dance team were priced at $35 with any additional tickets being only $5. The $35 ticket included a ticket to the game, clinic participation, a t-shirt, pompoms and personal pizza. They went on sale on 1/15  through a promo code (2020Cheer) that was available for purchase online. The team developed a prospect list of roughly 200 groups and were constantly reaching out to them about this event. The event was promoted heavily on social media, calls, emails and flyers. The Ducks sold 552 tickets and this was the largest “Cheer with the Ducks” to date!


Last Sunday, the SMU sales team had a Jump Roping Team from a local school come out to perform at halftime during their game against Wichita State. The “Red Hot Peppers” had about 30 performers along with their families and three coaches. The initial lead was from a current season ticket holder The SMU team priced tickets at $9 each and friends and family of the group came out to the game. The supporters of the dance group is what made this such a successful event. The group ended up purchasing over 150 tickets!


The Mocs hosted a local youth sports organization for the fourth year in a row and added a few extra experiences this year! The team offered them a half-time scrimmage for two of their teams to participate in, while also offering 100 kids the chance to be on the court for their high-five tunnel. They also allowed them to take a post-game photo on the court this year, and featured their organization on the video board at halftime.

Last year they sold 175 tickets to this event… and this year they were able to more than double it and ended with 401 tickets sold!! The added experiences they were able to create for the group is what really drove interest and helped them increase their tickets sold and revenue compared to last year!



The sales team at Penn State teamed up with two (2) of the University’s Sport Business classes to drive student ticket sales for the Men’s Basketball team’s home finale this past week.  Throughout the semester, Senior Account Executives, Austin Scitti and Sam Starrett mentored the  two different classes who were trained on MVP and competed to sell group tickets for the final home game of the season to their fellow students. Our staff worked in conjunction with the two professors, the Ticket Office and the Marketing Team to execute this group effort!

The two classes ended up selling a combined  1,634 tickets to the Michigan State game which helped provide an even more amazing game day atmosphere at the Bryce Jordan Center Tuesday night.


Getting Ahead For 2020-21

We would also like to recognize the handful of schools that are taking advantage of this multi-sport time of year and beginning to sell Men’s and Women’s Basketball Deposits for the 2020-21 Season…..Basketball on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update This is something we should be capitalizing on if we aren’t already!

  • Western Kentucky
  • University of Georgia
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Washington State
  • New Mexico State
  • South Carolina
  • Chattanooga
  • Oklahoma
  • University of Iowa
  • Penn State