A few weeks ago, Learfield IMG College introduced Fanbase, a new data and analytics platform, to provide Athletic Departments with deeper insight into fan behavior, while also enabling stronger partnerships between universities and their fans.

Due to the scope of our company, and the various solutions we offer to universities across the country, Learfield IMG College is uniquely positioned to support university partners by analyzing and drawing insights from information about their fans. The platform will aggregate data from across the Learfield IMG College enterprise. For example, data will be aggregated from Paciolan’s ticketing system, SIDEARMS’s websites and mobile apps, Ticket Solutions’ purchasing databases and multimedia rights’ sponsorship-generated fan lists.

Utilizing Fanbase, Learfield IMG College will increase its ability to help their partners better understand fan characteristics and behavior, ultimately, allowing universities to build more robust fan profiles to use in sales, marketing and more.

In terms of ticket sales, Fanbase will allow Ticket Solutions’ sales teams to better understand their market of fans. In doing so, and by creating richer fan profiles, our team will be better equipped to serve our clients and their fans.

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If you have any questions regarding Fanbase please reach out to Tyler Reichwein, Senior Director of Business Development at [email protected]