Building Your Database With New Leads

There’s only so many times you can call through the same leads and get the same answer until you say enough is enough. It’s time to turn our attention to generating new leads and building our database with new leads that are more qualified. See below what some of our partner schools are doing to provide their team with more qualified leads…


Capitalizing on Not On Sale

In Chapel Hill, the Tar Heels Sales Team are utilizing form submits on their ticket website for sports or ticket categories that are not currently on sale yet. If fans click on something that isn’t on sale it directs fans to fill an info request form rather than using a generic message, “Check back at a later date for more ticket information”. The form requires each individual to enter their name, phone number, email address, mailing address and finally the sports they are interested in learning ticket information about. These info requests have generated about 1,200 leads since the beginning of November 2018 and have resulted in 38 sales for more than 100 football season tickets to date! The most unique aspect of their info request system is that each person can check multiple sports that they are interested in which allows us to cross-sell these individuals much easier and generate more revenue.

Marketing Automation

The Cougars Sales Team are utilizing high value web page tracking and shopping cart abandonment to provide their team members with more qualified leads. Web pages such as ticket sales, development and schedules are being tagged and tracked on accounts in SalesForce so they know what sites fans are visiting. They are also able to track in their CRM what accounts are going through the ticket purchase process online but not finishing through with the order. Both of these initiatives help prioritize which leads should be called on sooner than others.


Enter to Win

Coming off an exciting re-branding, the Panthers Sales Team and Pitt Marketing will be running a digital Enter to Win campaign for one lucky fan to win a Pitt Nike Concept Store gift card. The contest and form submits will be run through Adobe Campaign. All contest entries will be tracked in SalesForce CRM and provide our team with new leads.

Employee Portals

The West Virginia Sales Team worked with administration to gain access to the WVU Medicine network, one of the largest employers in the area, to utilize the company’s official employee portal to promote faculty season ticket discounts and benefits. The messaging directs them to a WVU Athletics ticket info request forms and has resulted in roughly 150 new leads for the team this year. They sold 35 new season tickets in the first week that the information was live on the portal and continue to see requests come through.

Email Strategy 

The South Carolina Sales Team has been working alongside USC’s Marketing Team to collaborate on some new email campaigns and digital ads that are focused on the game day experience from the fans point of view.

South Carolina is also utilizing IP Address Targeting attempting to feed ads to persons and devices that are not known within their database. This technology is able to figure out a fans IP address with an 80% success rate if they know their name and home address. Once identifying a fan’s IP address South Carolina can feed ads to all of the other devices in their household that are connected to the same WiFi network (spouse’s phone, iPads, tablets, internet tv, etc.). This allows them to market to fans who might not be known within their database but could be huge influencers towards a final purchase decision.

Digital Advertising

The Colorado Sales Team and the CU Marketing Team is working with Mogo to put some resources behind digital advertising. These digital campaigns are specifically targeting new leads and is redirecting fans to an online survey. After the completion of the survey the leads are automatically uploaded into their SalesForce CRM for the team to call on.


Social Media Tags

The Premier Lacrosse League launches next month and their social media team continues to include information on ticket sales on their social media posts. More specifically, their team is adding a link to their posts redirecting fans to a form submit page on the official website that asks for contact information as well as specific ticket offerings they are interested in.

Website Article and Releases

The Sooners Sales Team met with Oklahoma’s Communications department at the end of last year and explained how much of an impact form submits have been in providing the team with qualified leads that were generating sales. Beginning this year the communications team has made it a standard practice to include a “Request Ticket Info” link in every football related article on

In addition, the Social Media team at OU includes a link to form submits in their social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when promoting ticket packages. Between these two initiatives they have received 1,841 submits since January for football tickets resulting in 47 new accounts for 111 new season tickets and many more in progress.