Capitalizing on Spring Games

Now that it is March, it is almost time for Spring Games! This is a great opportunity to drive renewals and revenue. Check out what some of our partners and sales teams have done in the past or are executing this year to help drive attendance, ticket sales and additional revenue at their upcoming Spring Games.



This year fans entering Folsom Field for the 2020 Spring Game will receive an exclusive offer for a discounted ticket for their home opener against Fresno State that will be powered through FEVO. Fans will have to visit the sales table to receive their discounted ticket flyer. In addition, the Marketing team will be promoting a special ticket giveaway through their Twitter account in the days leading up to the Spring Game for four (4) club tickets to the home opener. In an effort to help drive attendance at the game the winner will be announced at the game and be  present in order to win.



Earlier this week Penn State announced that they will be hosting a new pre-game contest for up to 100 participants ages 6-14. The inaugural Kids Punt, Pass & Kick will give children to participate in the contest on the field prior to the game with the winners being honored during halftime of the Spring Game. In addition to this being fan-friendly experiences for kids, their goal is also to expand its youth football database. Parents that are signing up their child will be required to provide the league name and contact information for their coach or league administrator at the time of registration. All participants following the Spring Game will get a special FEVO offer for their Youth Football Game to be held on September 5th, 2020 against Kent State!



Last year, the Panthers worked with Heinz Field to open up access to their Club Level which had been closed to the public in previous years. The Panthers Sales Team worked to coordinate appointments with fans leading up to the Spring Game to check out available seats and either buy new season tickets or upgrade their current seats. They will be running something very similar to this next year, as it had great return.



The 49ers are planning to use a new initiative at their 2020 Spring Game. For all new season holders on or before the Spring Game, they will have their name shouted-out on the video board, as well as announced over the PA system.


One final initiative Charlotte will be utilizing at this year’s Spring Game is an exclusive Meet n Greet with Coach Healy for any fans that purchase season tickets before or on that day. Coach Healy will speak for 5-10 minutes and personally thank everyone for supporting the program.


At the 2019 Spring Game, the Vols wanted to incentivize fans to purchase season tickets on the spot rather than later on. They worked with even management, marketing and game day ops in order to get access for fans to go out on the field during player warm ups. For each season ticket purchased the day of, the fan would receive one wristband with access to the field. The Vols also executed other initiatives during last year’s game, such as setting up a sales table, tagging seats and social media campaigns surrounding the game. The results they gathered from last year’s outing are as follows:

2019 Spring Game Results

  • Season Tickets Sold: 33
  • Revenue Generated: $13,818
  • Donation Money Generated: $6,400