2020 Fundraising Campaigns

Despite the restrictions on fan attendance and season tickets for the upcoming collegiate athletic season, we must remain committed to supporting our partners as they strive to maintain their relationships with their boosters, fan bases and their student-athletes. Many of our partners around the country are launching fundraising campaigns to augment their revenue. Below, you will find a few excellent examples of what our teams are doing to support these fundraising efforts. These initiatives help our partners keep fan bases engaged while also providing our Universities with saved revenue and fundraising dollars. With these measures, our sales teams can maintain our support of our University partners’ efforts to provide for their student-athletes on and off the field.

University of Oklahoma launched their Sooner Relief Fund on July 1st. This was created in response to many donors and members asking how they could support OU Athletics during this unprecedented time. The Sooner Relief Fund provides many benefits for its members and those who decide to donate. These include a tax deduction, a 5x champion points bonus and a credit of 2x the amount donated to be applied towards future membership years.

Stephen F. Austin State University announced their Raise the Axe Campaign through their Purple Lights Fund on July 21st. Similar to Oklahoma, the University has always prided itself in funding student-athlete resources and hopes to continue their commitment to those athletes.

Pitt Athletics’ Student-Athlete Success Fund was launched through The Panther Club on August 21st. Similar to our partners above, Pitt Athletics is looking to provide their student-athletes with essential resources for them to succeed in competition and life amidst the current circumstances we are facing. The Panther Club announced that their donors are now able to receive priority points for philanthropic gifts as well as their Scholarship Seating Memberships. Gifts given to the Student-Athlete Success Fund are eligible to receive Panther Club benefits. The Student-Athlete Success Fund is powered through Paciolan.

Virginia Tech’s Keep Jumping Campaign was launched August 17th with the goal to help fund student athlete scholarships and the athletics department’s operational costs during an expected $50m budget deficit. 2020 Hokie season ticket holders had the option to donate their per seat donation and ticket cost to the Keep Jumping Fund, credit part or all of their per seat donation and ticket cost to next season or receive a full refund. To provide some outstanding numbers, 64% of accounts elected to apply at least some of their investments towards the Keep Jumping Campaign and towards either 2020 single game tickets, 2021 season tickets, or the required 2021 Hokie Scholarship Fund per-seat contribution.

The Georgia Bulldogs created their COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund in order to strengthen their ability to support their student athletes’ overall experience on campus as well as creating a safe and clean atmosphere for not only their staff, but their fan base. Season ticket holders were asked to make contributions of either their entire or partial balance of their paid 2020 Hartman Fund contribution, season ticket or seat back purchase. Similar to other schools around the nation, the Bulldogs were offering 3x priority points and a gift receipt for tax filing purposes to those that chose to convert their money to donations.

The University of Memphis launched their #KeepMemphisRoaring Campaign to football season ticket holders on August 6th. With the 12-feet social distancing guidelines in place, the Tigers could not accommodate all of their season ticket holders for their home opener this past weekend. To mitigate this, they launched the campaign to communicate various options available to their fans. Season ticket holders were asked to either donate or credit the value of their 2020 football season tickets. Those who chose to donate or credit and not refund their 2020 tickets, were eligible for single game tickets to at least one of the 2020 games. Fans that donated were given highest priority for single game tickets, while those that credited their money to next year had a chance to purchase, only if single-game tickets were still available.


Similar to many of our partners, Tennessee Athletics has created the S.A.V.E Initiative to allow season ticket holders and donors to communicate their preference on attending the upcoming home football games and to explore options for their 2020 ticket payments. Fans that decide to opt-out of attending Neyland stadium this season are provided with a few different options regarding their money. These fans are given four options that include giving all of their ticket and donation money back to Tennessee Athletics, rolling over their money to the 2021 season or a full refund. Season ticket holders that choose to donate their 2020 contributions will be rewarded with 5x the Tennessee Fund membership points, parking passes for next season and a tax deduction on their donation.


The Horned Frogs began their season ticket seat selection process for the upcoming football season on August 24th. Unlike other schools, TCU decided to continue with season tickets this year despite their 12,000 capacity limitation.  Similar to their normal upgrade process, each account was assigned a time and date to select their seats based on Horned Frogs Priority Point System. In hopes of accommodating all of their season ticket holders, the maximum number of tickets allowed per season ticket account was four. Fans were given the option to opt-out on their 2020 season tickets which would automatically apply their payments to the 2021 football season. However, fans could request that their previous payments be converted into a donation to the Frog Club Purple & White Fund rather than being rolled-over to next season. Fans that chose to donate their payments received double Horned Frog Priority Points and a tax deduction. The Horned Frogs also allowed fans that chose to opt-in to the 2020 season to choose specific home games they are unable to attend, allowing other fans to purchase single game tickets in place of these ticket(s) and seat(s).